Welcome to my Dynamometer page . . .

On this page you will find the construction of my Eddy Current Dynamometer.

My goal was to build my own dynamometer, I started last year building a water brake dyno. I was maybe halfway finished with the project when I ran into this eddy current unit sitting in a junk yard. I negotiated a deal with its owner and soon had it loaded in the back of my truck and off to its new home. I bought the power absorber, magnetic triggers and some shaft encoders all for one money. Must say DEAL of the century!! 

Well now once I had it, what do I do with it? I started surfin' the web looking for info on dynos, not alot out there unless you wanna pay to buy one. Since I had a serious lack of $$$'s I read all I could on the subject, and little by little I am placing all the pieces of the puzzle together. I finally started on the construction phase after getting all the data I needed on the power supply requirements from the manufacturer. 

UPDATE 1/07/2006: Actually ran an engine on the dyno today!! Been a long road to this point and still more to go but its working now. Lots of little details to workout before I am doing some actual testing but its one step closer . . .

console front
console side

 Keep checking back from time to time and watch my progress . . .


This page last modified on 1/07/2006