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Postby blaktopr » Fri May 29, 2009 2:47 pm

Here is a vid that looks close to the running engine vid.

Tom, this vid has liquid introduced in different places per liquid "pulse shot". Notice the similarities to even the small "streams" that shoot out of the valve. Now with port shape and the "bias", there are different speeds throughout the port. At each cross section "slice", has it's own different speeds.

Imagine taking velocity probe readings in 100 places at each slice. Now assign colors for speeds like you would see on a CAD program. That will give you an idea of where the fuel may favor because of the pressure differential that those different speeds create. Now add them all up for the port and now you get the area that may contain more or less fuel. Because of the upsream effects, the discharge out of the valve will not allways be uniform. That read you had gives more confirmation to me about the association with the string I spoke of in another post (?) The fact that very good wet discharcge happened when the string followed the centerline of the port, having the same shape of the port, all the way over the SSR and out through the seat with no fluttering.

Another thing I noticed in the vid of the running engine was what looked to be wall flow, the liquid still attached to that, and it's movement. This may also be the reason for that area below the valve to have the slow burn. As the valve is closing this fuel is slowly riding over the seat not mixed with the air. I am thinking that area of the port has the slowest speeds, but is also why the fuel initially comes out there because of the highest pressure behind the valve, when the valve just cracks off the seat. I'm sorry guys if I am having trouble conveying my thoughts to words.

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