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Postby blaktopr » Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:51 pm

I finally was able to get in touch with someone at I have two dyes coming to test. Both are in liquid forn. One is their clear blue which was recommended and the other a green in the same family (I wanted to try).

What I was told follows what I been reading here and there on the net. It is said that the clear blue is excited by a higer wavelength UV light, (about 385) This is more common with lights found in hardware stores.

With the greens and yellows, the wavelength required is lower at 360-365. At those numbers you start to get more into "pure" UV light and is where you get the "burning your eyes effect"

The liquid is told to also "mix" easier and more complete but you can oversaturate it if you put too much loosing it flourecence.

Hopefully the exitability rate will be enough to pick up in smaller droplet form. Hopefully this will work out. I will see in the next couple days.
I have only tested a magenta dye and other home brewed alternatives without any good results.

As for dispersing, I found a company here in NJ that offers a wide variety of sprayers from custom to ones found in boilers. GPH rates from .25 to 28+. Adjustable with pressure of +/- 3 GPH.
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Postby blaktopr » Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:20 am

As the great Charlie Brown has allways said.....AAARRRGGGGHHHH!

The blue dye is hard to see in the cylinder adapter.
The green works really good though.
I bought a 4 ft flo light with cord and 2 F40T12BLB's. Good thing for the polarized snowboard goggles. :p but still have a little headache.

You can catch some spots in the runner. Depending on the amount I can watch it shear off the guide boss, watch where the activity changes during different port phenomenom, and see where the boundary layer may be a little "thicker" and can leave a little there even though the pitot says a little different. But more testing is needed.

It is still hard to see the discharge especially with a chamber as open as the heads I am dealing with. The blacklight just doesn't seem to get past the liquid on the walls.

Thats all for now. I'm tired and aggravated. I have learned alot about all this in regards to the bench and the heads. I just want more. Plus there is nobody to bounce info off of if I can't get anything on film.
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Postby Flash » Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:46 am

a video would be nice to see it in action.

after all, there is 34 of us that have read this thread........the video might get a thought proses going.

My question is do you have the right black light for the kind of dye you are using. I'm sure you have research this way more then I. just wondering if your trying to get by with a black light, that's not meant for the die you are using...................
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Postby blaktopr » Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:31 am

Here it is, 4:15AM and I am now awake because I woke up after 2 hrs sleep to help my girlfriend with her term paper. UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!
Yeah Flash, I did some research on the lights. The videos I have now of the chamber are good with black dye with a white backround. The Wavelength of the light is good and the green dye shows best. The main issue is with my current setup at the head adaptor. Trying to do all this on the cheap sucks. There is too much in the way to get enough blacklight up there. You can see the wetting on the walls fine. You can even see down the port a little. With using these means, I may have to try a few other things for the draw through setup or go the other way and blow it out. But here is the thing...

I can see where vortecies form in the chamber with a white chamber and black dye.
That is where vids can be taken easily for us DIY'ers.
The flo light at the moment helps inside the port and on the walls.
I'm just not ready to build a blow through setup.
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