Old Forum Corrections to posts!

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Old Forum Corrections to posts!

Postby bruce » Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:08 pm

OK, I will post this here and Bruce will pin this on the old Forum with a link to this thread. It is our goal over time to correct all the errors from the data corruption that crashed the old forum and the problems it caused with user names along the way. During the reconstruction some of the posts lost data “Wording”, Pictures, Links Etc. Thus this makes reading some of the threads difficult. It is our goal to fix as many of these as possible over the next months. FYI Broken links cannot be fixed I/E if a link to a photo share is now dead we cannot fix it unless you send us the picture, we do not want to just repost file links as they are not permanent. We want to fix as many name issues as possible so if it is your post and it does not show your information we want to correct this too. One of the biggest issues has been that some of the posts got truncated (Part of the wording disappeared) we really would like to fix these as they are the worst.

To inform us of and issue we need a couple things,

1. We need the link to the thread in your communication it should look like this.
a. viewt ... ?f=1&t=205
2. We need to know about how far into the topic your post is like “Rick/Bruce it is the 5th post down.
3. We need you to verify the post by giving us a couple words from the post. Like
a. “Well after years of thinking about this I've finally decided”
4. We need to know what is wrong with the post and it can be many things like name, picture, missing text etc.
5. We need everything to fix the post your user name, edited text, picture etc. We would like to consolidate names so if you were John Boy then became John Boy1 I would like to make them all John Boy so please let me know if this is the case.
6. Last if your post has been truncated and you could help by rewriting what you thought you said I will fix these posts first.

To get this going and not clog up Bruce or my email I have started a new topic as a place to post all the above needed information.

Link to Correction Thread on New Flowbench Forum

Please do not make this a conversational thread post your correction information here and we will get to it ASAP, if we need additional info we will PM you.

Thanks for all your help,

The Management.
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