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$***@! (insert your favorite) expletive

As some of you may recall I am working on a 22RE Toyota cylinder head trying to make it better.

First I built a flowbench

Then I started experimenting with a junk head

After that post I started working on the intake ports and was able to make some moderate gains (about 18%)

So I got a new head and went to work with what I had learned. It came to the point where I was trying to get the ports to flow the same and I started running into trouble.
It seems that the dynamics of the "swirling" airstream were very sensitive to slight changes and I could not get consistent results.

It was at this point that I reasoned "a substantial redesign is in order."

see pics:


As you can see, I've eliminated the swirl by grinding out and straightening the inside radius and then filled in the outside radius and bowl area to shape a more conventional port.

This resulted in over a 50% increase in flow despite the fact that the port volume is substantially smaller than before.

Where I am at now is at the maximaum test lift of .500" (I'll be rumnning a .425" lift cam) i get to the maximum flow for the port.

In other words when I increase the lift beyond .500" the flow stays the same or goes slightly down.

Is this good?
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