Have an interesting technique, tool or just anything related to porting? Post it here . . . please no bashing anyone for the model of engine they are working, we're here to share ideas . . .

Postby Speed » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:18 pm

Hello, I'm new here my name is Shane. I have been using and selling an epoxy called Smooth-On Metalset A4
I've been using it for more then ten years now and from my own experience and from the feedback I have received its all been positive I have use it extensively in
two-stroke work port shaping, case stuffing etc. I have also used it for some intake port and manifold work on some turbo charged Aussie V6 cylinder heads with no problems after some 30 plus runs and countless street kilometres the epoxy is still holding strong.
I place it with a scribe and or a knife then use some acetone to smooth it out I then let it set off for 24hr it sets in about 20min at 25c
but I have always let it set off for 24hrs and then I place it in an oven at 100c for about 30min remove let it cool and start grinding..
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Postby msj442 » Wed May 20, 2009 11:25 pm

just ran across this thread. i have used that z spar slash zone epoxy as stated in a previous post. ive used it on several supergas and prostock style heads along with some superstock heads and havent had a problem of it coming loose yet.

jmo, max
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