Shop Equipment
    • 8" x 32" Rockford Mill
    • 18" x 48" Hendey Lathe
    • Valve and Seat grinder
    • Sand/Plastic Blast cabinet
    • Camshaft grinding machine (Its finally here!! Lots of cleanup to get done on it though)

All my equipment is old and used but remember its not the machine that makes quality parts its the machinist. Sorry no CNC machine work here I'm not setup for production runs and each part is personally handmade by myself the best part is I have fun doing it. Some of my past projects include custom carbs, billet heads, Ti valves and various other custom parts along with flow development work on my custom flowbench.

So if you are looking for any custom machining work, why not give me a try?


This page last modified on 03/27/2004